“There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” – Sir Ranulph Fiennes (British explorer and climber of Mount Everest)

When it comes to a traditional, snow-bound winter, there’s nothing like a traditional Mukluk. Derived from Arctic Inuit and Yupik tribes, Mukluks are essentially winterized moccasin boots designed to keep your feet warm and dry in cold, snowy weather.

Men’s Snowshoe Mukluks by Laurentian Chief are the ultimate in quality and comfort. Lightweight but snug, their 12” shearling-lined boot shaft insulates the foot and calf, lacing up.
Laurentian Chief snow shoe mukluks
The benefits of real sheepskin lining are two-fold: it keeps warmth in, but dampness out. Wool fibres naturally wick away moisture, keeping the interior breathable and perspiration-free. When air circulates the foot in this way, sweat cannot accumulate and then freeze, so injuries to cold - such as frostbite - are greatly minimized. The marron italia rubber sole adds an even greater level of protection and endurance.
marron italia rubber sole
The outer boot is a handsome combination of genuine cowhide, carefully handcrafted with a suede upper shaft and and leather detailing in Old Brown. These Mukluks look as good as they feel, and are available in Men’s sizes 8 - 13.


Laurentian Chief moccasin boots
Although Mukluks are very warm and durable in the snowiest and coldest of weather, they are also made of all natural materials, and therefore not fully waterproof. You’ll want to treat them with a good leather protector, and avoid fully immersing them in watery or slushy conditions.

When properly cared for, your Laurentian Chief Snowshoe Mukluks will keep bad weather at bay and protect your feet for many winters to come. Explore your snowy surroundings in traditional comfort and contemporary style!
stylish authentic moccasin boots for men

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In response to: Jeffrey Ahlm
It’s a matter of preference, but a wool based sock is always best as it wisps away sweat and keeps your boots from getting too wet on the inside thus making your feet cold. We were not given a temperature rating for this product however we feel down to minus 10 degrees celsius would be fine.

The Brown Bear

Are heavy socks recommended to be worn with these mukluks or just regular athletic/work socks?

Jeffrey Ahlm

What is the temperature rating for these muks?

Jeffrey Ahlm

In response to Liita: We do have this same style for women, here is the link https://www.leather-moccasins.com/products/womens-tall-old-brown-sheepskin-snowshoe-mukluk-boots

We only carry up to size 10. So a men’s 9 would be the equivalent.

The Brown Bear

What size would be the same as a women’s 11? Or do you have women’s mukluks too


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