It’s snowing outside. The trees are frosted and the houses look like gingerbread. The roads are starting to look slippery and you count yourself lucky you don’t have to go anywhere.

You put another log on the fire and make yourself a cup of tea, remembering that book you want to read, that movie you want to see, that nap you wanted to take... whatever winter afternoon pursuit seems the coziest. Through the window, the sky looks chill and grey. The wind rises.

Before sinking into the sofa, you slip your feet into a pair of fleece-lined rabbit fur moccasins.
men's rabbit fur beaded moccasin slippers black
These Laurentian Chief moccasins have quickly become your favourite slippers. Snug and soft, with a fluffy collar, they keep you toasty warm on winter days like this. Made with genuine suede, you appreciate the hand-crafted beadwork and thunderbird detailing. Over time, the leather and crepe-gum sole of the moccasins have molded to your feet, feeling more and more comfortable each time you wear them.
close-up of hand-beading on authentic moccasins
The traditional Native American styling makes these moccasins even more special, and you appreciate that they’re handcrafted in Quebec, Canada. The jet black suede and matching rabbit fur add a simple elegance you can’t help but enjoy.
made in canada on soles of shoes
You love these slippers so much, you bought them for your spouse, because the same pair are available in men’s and women’s sizes.



Together, you listen the crackle of the fire and the snow gusting around the house. Steam curls from your mug and you settle into your favorite corner of the couch. You’re safe and warm. You have each other. And your Laurentian Chief mocs.
men's and women's rabbit fur moccasins canada


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