Summer is here and although many love wearing their moccasins barefoot outside and in the house, some people may have started to notice that their feet or favorite shoes are now starting to stink. What to do? What to do? If that's you, not to worry. We are here to tell you the good news that you don't have to set aside your favorite mocs just because the warm weather is here. We have a few products that can help you with your stinky feet or smelly moccasin problem.
There's a couple issues that can occur that may make moccasins stink. The first being that if your feet sweat, or your feet are wet and are exposed to the inside bare leather of your shoe, then there's potential that your feet can start to smell and over time cause your moccasins to start to have a bad odor. Most people enjoy wearing their moccasins without socks so this can be a problem for many people. Tana Foot Silk Shoe Freshener is the best option for those with this type of foot odor. Tana's Foot Silk is formulated to leave a soft, dry, invisible silk wrap around your feet, feeling like a second skin. Tana's specially designed, dermatologically tested shoe freshener offers a new and breathable wrap containing pure, natural silk. The patented technology of Tana Foot Silk keeps your feet dry for up to 24 hours, and provides you with invisible barefoot comfort while wearing your moccasins. You'll find that if you enjoy going barefoot in your moccasins, shoes or boots, Tana Foot Silk is a must have to keep your feet feeling fresh, dry and smelling great.

Secondly, it may be that your moccasins are stinking and not necessarily your feet. The leather moccasins may be moist from sweat or wet weather and have not had adequate time to dry between usage, hence why they smell. Perhaps it is your feet that are making them smell. Whatever the reason, you need a good shoe freshener that does the trick so you can continue wearing your favorite shoes without feeling self conscious. If you find your moccasin shoes or any other closed toe shoes are starting to have a bad odor, then we have just the product for you. Our Tana Shoe Freshener works great in preventing bad odors in moccasin shoes or boots. The Tana Shoe Freshener Sport is especially fast acting and works the minute it comes in contact with your shoes or boots. It provides you with all day long, heel to toe freshness. Tana's sport freshening spray refreshes and deodorizes all types of closed toe shoes so you can go ahead and wear your moccasins barefoot everyday and not have to worry about the odor afterwards. We also recommend Footlogix Shoe Deodorant Spray.
Thirdly, it may be that your moccasins are dirty that is causing them to smell so they just need a good cleaning. Tana also has a Universal Moccasin Cleaner that is a fast drying detergent based formula that deeply cleans and refreshes leather, suede and oil tan leather footwear inside and outside. This universal cleaner is also known as Tana's Sandal Cleaner, because it keeps the footbed of the shoe in a sanitary condition. There's even a little scrub brush included that will help for easy cleaning. You can quickly and effectively clean your moccasins so that they look, smell and feel great, in no time at all, with this great product.

Take a look at our shoe care page for these 3 great products and more to help you properly care for your precious moccasins. Don't let foot or shoe odor stop you from enjoying the comfort and style of Canadian made moccasins. At Leather Moccasins we have fast shipping, excellent prices, and courteous customer care. Let us help you find the correct product to help you deal with your stinky moccasins, today.

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  • Emily


    April 15, 2019

    Are you aware of any odor & cleaning products that are natural/organic? I wonder what (if anything) the Indians use.?…

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