If your leather moccasins, or any shoe or boot for that matter, need some freshening up, a pair of new insoles or outsoles may do the trick. Your current footwear may be in fairly good working condition and the outside may be holding up fine, but the inside may be worn or have an odor. If so, then a fresh pair of shoe insoles may be just what you need to make them as good as new again. However the opposite may also be true, where the inside and tops of your classic moccasins are fine but the outsoles are worn out and you are starting to feel like you are walking barefoot in them. In this case, a pair of durable outsoles will help make your favorite moccasins useful again. Let's take a closer look at what we have to offer our customers when it comes to helping extend the life of their treasured moccasins.

Oil-Tan Leather Outsoles

Your worn out moccasins will benefit from a pair of oil-tan soles as they are made of a thicker grade of leather which will last for many years to come. Once you get a new pair of oil-tan leather soles, simply take them to a good, local shoemaker to be sewn on. Once your new soles are in place, you should be ready to enjoy walking around outside or using your traditional moccasins as slippers once again.

Genuine Sheepskin Insoles

All natural sheepskin insoles work extremely well if you want to add a bit of warmth to your classic moccasin shoes or boots. You may also want to use them if you are trying to revive the interior of fleece or sheepskin lined slippers. Real sheepskin is excellent for adding cushioning to the soles of your leather or suede shoes. Genuine sheepskin is also known to have a natural, moisture wicking property which will help your feet keep at a regular temperature and not sweat. All our 100% sheepskin insoles can be used in both men and women's moccasin shoes or slippers and are made in Canada of real, genuine shearling wool. You can easily cut your luxurious sheepskin insoles for a perfect fit using the sizing tab printed on the reverse side of the new insole. All our shearling wool insoles can be washed in lukewarm water, on the gentle cycle of your washing machine, so they are easy to clean and use once again.

Leather Insoles

Perhaps you need new insoles for your comfortable shoes or favorite slippers but are not sure that you have enough room to use sheepskin insoles, or you don't want the warmth associated with them. Then a high quality pair of leather insoles should suffice. We have all natural leather insoles that you can cut and place inside your current footwear to get your used footwear in working order gain. Our leather insoles work in just about any shoe or boot. Your footwear does not need to be a pair of traditional moccasins for these comfortable insoles to work. You can use our insoles in a pair of trendy ballet flats or some old rubber boots. Whatever the use, you can easily cut or order the correct size of these insoles to fit inside any footwear and then simply slide them in and you are good to go. The reverse side of the leather will grip in to your current shoe without sliding around or you can use a bit of glue if you'd like.

At Leather-Moccasins we have oil-tan leather outsoles, genuine sheepskin insoles and real leather insoles to help make your all natural footwear useful and looking great once again. We have fast and affordable shipping with informative customer service so we can help you find the right products to help you get using your favorite moccasins once again. Visit our secure website and checkout today so we can ship you your new insoles or outsoles right away. That way you can enjoy the benefits of freshening up or extending the life of your favorite footwear as soon as possible.


  • The Brown Bear

    The Brown Bear

    September 25, 2020

    In response to Sarah Kolker: We would recommend taking your moccasins to a cobbler to remove an insole that is falling apart.

  • sarah kolker

    sarah kolker

    September 24, 2020

    How do I remove the current insole that is falling apart?

  • The Brown Bear

    The Brown Bear

    December 12, 2019

    In response to J. Rixon: We absolutely ship to the U.K. Shipping costs are $28 – Tracked Post. Our system is set up to accept international orders, so you can simply place your order online as you would with a domestic site.

  • Jeremy Rixon

    Jeremy Rixon

    November 21, 2019

    I require a pair of tan leather “replacement outsoles” for my, size 7, genuine Canadian leather moccasins. Do you ship to the UK ? How much would they cost ? How do I go about ordering these items online ?
    Thank you,
    J. Rixon.

  • Judy Stearns

    Judy Stearns

    April 15, 2019

    Can the outdoors be glued on rather than sewed?

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