Real sheepskin wool is a natural fibre that’s been used by humans for hundreds of years. So what makes this age old textile so phenomenal? Is natural sheepskin really that amazing? Does it actually have proven health benefits associated with it? Let's take a look at just a few of the great reasons sheepskin is really that amazing.

Sheepskin is Supportive

The cushioning that elite sheepskin provides works wonders with regards to providing comfort when it's in contact with your skin. The fibre of sheepskin is naturally crimped so it forms a cushioning support for your body. Whether you are lying directly on soft sheepskin or the wool is lining the sole of your boot, the spiraling crimp of the fibre acts like a little spring that supports your body and absorbs any pressure. So instead of flattening out with usage or when pressure is applied, 100% real sheepskin distributes your weight evenly over the fibers which relieves aches and pains. The air cushion that thick wool provides offers pure comfort as it allows air to circulate through the material and relieves pressure against your skin.

Sheepskin Regulates Body Temperature

Another great benefit to natural wool is that it has temperature regulatory properties. It will reduce your body heat if you start to overheat and help raise your body temperature if you are feeling cold. The temperature regulating property is quite useful for inside your slippers or boots to keep your feet warm in the winter or from overheating and sweating. When lying or sitting on this genuine wool fibre it has the same effect, making traditional sheepskin ideal for soft and comfortable blankets and throws.

Sheepskin Is Therapeutic

Patients that suffer from pressure or bed sores can greatly benefit from products made of natural sheepskin. Real wool fibre reduces pressure, friction and moisture which all have a direct relationship to bed sores. Pressure sores occur as a result of tissue breakdown because of prolonged tissue compression when a body does not move for long periods of times. The springy property of this age old wool can offer a way to distribute the pressure of the body at vulnerable pressure sore points. The softness of the wool also provides a low friction point of contact so the skin is not irritated by resting on or moving directly against natural sheepskin. Medical wool can also absorb a significantly high percentage of its dry weight in moisture without feeling at all damp. This moisture wicking property helps alleviate discomfort to immobile patients who perspire while laying in bed or are prone to sweat in pressure point areas.

Sheepskin Has Healing Properties

More than just offering therapy for patients, the softness of sheepskin has been found quite useful with the healing of burn victims. The wool fibers move with every movement of the patient so there is less tearing of their skin. The natural coils of medical sheepskin also allows air to circulate which aids in the overall healing process. Diabetic patients usually suffer from circulation issues so sheepskin insoles in their shoes offer better circulation for their feet. 100% real wool is also hypoallergenic meaning it causes no skin allergies so all types of patients benefit from its properties without having adverse skin reactions.

Sheepskin Works Wonders For Babies

Soft sheepskin can greatly help your baby. Real sheepskin is popular to use with newborn babies or more specifically those who are born premature or have a low birth weight. The natural sheepskin helps little ones regulate their own body temperature. You can use comfortable sheepskin as a carseat cover to help with pressure points for babies for children fastened in their seats for long commutes. Babies who sleep on soft sheepskin are offered higher circulation and increased air flow so they breathe better and move and roll less in their sleep. People often use genuine sheepskin floor mats in their children's rooms as it is extremely breathable and has hypoallergenic properties that attack indoor air pollutants helping to keep the air cleaner for your little one's breathing. Having a comfortable sheepskin rug will also benefit you in your child's room. Just picture yourself standing and rocking your baby night after night in the nursery with the comfort and support of an elite sheepskin rug under your feet.

Perhaps your caring for baby days are long gone, then you might relate better to the comfort of a pair of sheepskin lined boots for tired or sore feet. Whatever your case might be, thick sheepskin wool is sure to aid you in many areas of your life. At Leather-Moccasins we have a variety of natural sheepskin wool products that are surely to benefit your life in some way or another. Visit our full line of Canadian sheepskin products at our user friendly online store. We have fast shipping, helpful customer care and superior product. Visit us at Leather-Moccasins, today!


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    Cindy Meier

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    have painful feet only my off-brand sheepskin ugg like boots relieve pain looking for something for work casual environment

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