Sometimes you’re looking to invest in a classic, good quality shoe. You want something attractive and classic and comfortable, something well-made, something traditional.

A pair of time-honored moccasins checks off all of these boxes — but what if you need a wider fit? A too-tight or poorly-fitted shoe can result in a host of problems, from calluses to foot pain. We expect a lot from our feet. We are not always easy on them, and yet they take us everywhere we need to go. So, wearing well-sized shoes, properly fitted to our unique dimensions, goes a long way towards protecting our investment... in our shoes AND in our feet!
Authentic leather moccasins for men
Wakonsun wide-fitting moccasins by Alfred Cloutier are inspired by Native American-style footwear. Handmade with supple, genuine cow hide, the extra wide footbed is outfitted with a soft suede-covered foam insole for maximum comfort. These moccasins are designed to slip easily on and off your feet, with rawhide lacing around the back of the heel for a customized fit.

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Wakonsun wide-fitting moccasins by Alfred Cloutier
Over time, the leather will soften, stretch and conform even further to your feet, truly personalizing them to your individual proportions. You will never own a more comfortable pair of shoes.
mens wide fitting moccasins
The hand-stitched lacing and warm “Peanut” colour make Wakonsun moccasins a classic wardrobe staple. You’ll want to wear them indoors and out! With extra large sizes available and additional shades of leather, you’ll finally find the perfect fit.

Also available in Women’s wide sizes:

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  • oz


    December 17, 2020

    I have regular, medium width feet. These moccasins are the best ones I’ve seen. Same is true for your other model, the Men’s Hunter Sole., darker color moccasin.

    Do you make these two great moccasins only for the extra-wide feet of giants? Or do you also make them for people with average feet, like me and most of the rest of humanity?

    One suggestion: Your Men’s Hunter Sole shoe, as shown, with the leather lace coiled around the entire contour of the upper, is THE most beautiful moccasin ever. Why not make THAT SAME moccasin without the rubber and with the classic double ski leather sole? Just a thought.

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