Difference Between Driving Moccasins, Slippers & Shoes
Let's take a moment to clarify some terms in the moccasin world as there are several shoes that claim to be moccasins when in fact they are not. A moccasin is a heelless shoe made completely of soft leather with the sole brought up and attached to a piece of U-shaped leather on top of the foot.

Worn and designed firstly by Native Americans, traditional moccasins have evolved over time. Today, genuine leather moccasins can be found as driving moccasin shoes, soft sole slippers or hard sole loafers. Each were created for a different purpose. Let's find out the difference between the three and why you might wear them.

Hard Sole Moccasins

The addition of crepe or rubber to the sole of the moccasin allows the leather loafer to be worn outside as opposed to solely used as a house slipper. Rubber or crepe sole moccasins are considered a hard sole shoe because they can be worn on all sorts of surfaces. Hard sole moccasins keep your feet and shoes protected from water, rocks etc due to the synthetic sole overtop of the flexible leather.

Driving Moccasins

Driving moccasins have become very popular all over the world. Less traditional than a soft sole leather moccasin, these moccasins feature an insole with little knobs or different sized nubs which peak through holes in the leather sole. The knobs or nubs allow the moccasin to have a better grip which makes them ideal for driving, hence the name. Worn by both men and women, driving moccasins can be worn on and off the road. They are considered more of a casual summer shoe because your feet can get wet quickly due to the leather portions of the sole.

Soft Sole Moccasins

Soft sole leather moccasins are considered a loafer or house shoe. They are mostly worn indoors because of their natural leather sole. However, soft sole moccasin loafers can be worn outside as long as the conditions and climate allow for it. Leather sole moccasins should be worn on soft surfaces such as grass and worn when the conditions are dry. As long as you don't scuff your feet while you walk, you should be able to wear your soft sole moccasins outside for quite sometime without the sole deteriorating. Also keep in mind that soft sole moccasins do not have a lot of traction. Those who like to practice Earthing wear soft sole moccasins outside just as much as inside. In general, most people enjoy wearing their moccasin slippers indoors as they are lightweight because of the leather sole.

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January 10, 2017 by Francine Scheuermann

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